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2016 German White Seed Garlic


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Seed Garlic – $24/lb

Bulk discounts start at orders of only 2lbs, so you can plant more garlic and save on shipping!

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2-4 lbs – $23/lb
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German Extra Hardy is called, “the chef’s garlic” by garlic connoisseurs. This porcelain variety sports an outer white skin, with cloves that have a reddish tint on the inside wrappers. The cloves peel easily, and store well into February and longer.

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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 4 in

German White Garlic has been our best and most consistent variety for several years. Our garlic is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) and tested free of garlic bloat nematode by Cornell University Extension.  We have grown organic garlic on Eastview Farm since the early 1990’s. Read more about our farm and growing practices…

Hardwick Garlic CompanyOur Seed garlic bulbs average 2.25 inches in diameter,  7 to 8 bulbs per pound, 4-6 cloves per bulb.  1lb of seed will give you approximately 40-50 seeds for planting. If you order 2lbs you will yield almost 100 garlic bulbs next year, enough to have 2 bulbs per week for cooking!

How is our seed garlic different from normal culinary garlic from the store?

  1. 20 years of selection for cold hardiness, superior flavor and storage qualities.  We believe that this is the best garlic you can buy if you have long, cold winters like we do.
  2. Nutrient dense with average BRIX readings of 47 in 2016  because of the high quality of our soil and seed.  This means that the garlic you order from us will survive the winter and get off to a quick start next spring. Learn more about how we plant our garlic.
  3. Certified organic and tested free of garlic bloat nematode.  This invasive pest can ruin your crop and will linger in the soil for decades.  If you buy from us you can rest easy knowing that your farm will not be infected by bloat nematode!

All garlic orders will be shipped in all natural, compostable wood curl packaging called Sylvacurl. Orders will begin shipping in mid September.

Almost every bulb is huge!

Almost every bulb is huge!

In 2016 we had one of our best-ever harvests of our Extra Hardy German White garlic.  This porcelain garlic has great taste. The flavor does not overpower dishes. This variety enhances and compliments other ingredients in recipes. The heads roast well, bulbs and cloves peel easily. Good size cloves mean less work and time in meal preparation.

Our garlic plants were healthy and robust this year and our seed bulbs are HUGE!  In our experience on Eastview Farm the German White is easiest to plant. It is the most disease resistant, has the longest storage life, most uniform in bulb and clove size, and it is easiest to peel to get planting stock ready in October.

The more we learn about soils and garlic production the better the resulting nutrient dense seed. It is a tangible reward for the hard work of our family and friends and the nine months that it takes to grow this extrordinary crop we love to grow and share with others! BRIX levels of green garlic tested on July 29th averaged 42, which is very high for uncured garlic and we expect it to go up as the garlic dries.   Brix is a way to measure nutritional quality, vigor and strength of the seed and this high number shows how healthy and robust our seed garlic is.


We are shipping smaller size orders 5 pounds and under with the USPS to keep our postal service alive and active on our rural community. We ship 6 pounds or more via FedEx.  All of the garlic is protected by our own biodegradable packaging material Sylvacurl because we believe that the packaging choices we make are important. As in other years local folks can arrange to pick up orders here on our farm.

We would love to hear how your garlic crop fared this season. If you are willing to take the time to let us know and include a photograph of you or your family with your garlic we would love to add your story or comments to our website.  Please use our contact form if you are interested in helping us in this way.

Happy Harvest and Growing,

The Lovinsky Family

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