2017 Garlic Harvest

2017 was a good year!  Here’s the story of this year’s garlic harvest, click to enlarge the photos….

Or download a PDF to read on your computer.


  1. Rollin S Tebbetts says

    Outstanding! Very cool…my garlic (your seeds) is excellent also. I would like to purchase more this fall. Thanks!


  2. Garlic will be ready for you after Labor Day! We’re delighted that you are looking forward to planting our seed garlic again this fall. It is a great honor for us to share the passion of growing garlic with others. Thanks!

  3. Monica Fiorina says

    Oh my. I harvested my garlic (your seeds) in July. Have shared it with many who are just loving it. Will order again this year. Being Italian, there’s nothing like strong and wonderful garlic.

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