Spring 2017 newsletter

It’s been raining here on and off for a few days. Our garlic and the grass are enjoying it. Both are growing quickly. The leaves are just beginning to open on our lilacs by the house, our daffodils are blooming, and we had a new calf born yesterday on Eastview Farm. We had good snow… [Read More]

2016 Garlic Crop Report

In 2016 we had one of our best-ever harvests of our Extra Hardy German White garlic.  This porcelain garlic has great taste. The flavor does not overpower dishes. This variety enhances and compliments other ingredients in recipes. The heads roast well, bulbs and cloves peel easily. Good size cloves mean less work and time in meal preparation. Our… [Read More]

2015 Garlic Crop

Dear Garlic Customer, Our 2015 crop is sold out!  Please check back in August 2016 to order seed for next year. We are offering one variety of garlic. After many garlic trials and years of trying out different varieties we have chosen this Extra Hardy German White strain for many reasons. Life is complicated we feel it’s… [Read More]