Spring 2017 newsletter

Spring 2017 GarlicIt’s been raining here on and off for a few days. Our garlic and the grass are enjoying it. Both are growing quickly. The leaves are just beginning to open on our lilacs by the house, our daffodils are blooming, and we had a new calf born yesterday on Eastview Farm.

We had good snow cover over the winter with lots of cold windy days. We are more than ready for the spring weather and sun. Mud season has been especially challenging and long this year with several freeze and thaw cycles. As I write this it’s pouring again outside and it’s muddy everywhere in the barnyard, our driveway and on our dirt roads. At least the temperature is 53 degrees and it’s not snow!

Tomorrow whether it’s raining or not I will fertilize the garlic with Pro Grow 5- 3- 4 an OMRI approved mixture to give the plants, that have grown so quickly in the past two weeks, an added boost. We get this granular mix from North Country Organics in Bradford, Vermont. We will fertilize the plants again in about a month. Garlic scapes should be ready to cut around the Solstice with harvest planned for the third week of July.

We don’t remove our straw mulch in the spring. It helps to cut down on weed pressure and hold this moisture in when things begin to dry out. I hope it does dry out a little soon!

We’re looking forward to another great season this year.





  1. Rollin Tebbetts says

    Excellent! Thanks. I will get some pro grow!


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