Mary-Ellen & Jim Posing with the 2017 Harvest

Mary-Ellen & Jim Posing with the Harvest

Eastview Farm, Hardwick VT




We are now accepting orders for our 2018 crop of certified organic German White Extra Hardy seed garlic. All orders from now until Labor Day (September 3rd) will save $2/lb. We have limited supplies, so don’t wait, place your order today! Thank you for supporting our small, diversified and organic family farm!

~Mary-Ellen and the Lovinsky Family

Eastview Farm is a diversified, certified organic  farm in East Hardwick, Vermont, owned and operated by Mary-Ellen and Jim Lovinsky and family. The farm is certified through Vermont Organic Farmers, (VOF).

At Eastview Farm we grow garlic, herbs, and seasonal greens.  We keep Alpine and Oberhasli goats, poultry, horses, and Scotch Highland cattle.  The farm is the home of the Hardwick Garlic Company and Sylvacurl of Vermont .